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Bookings for Neurological Consultations and Diagnostic Tests for all rooms can be made by telephoning us on (02) 9793 9200.

At the time of booking you will be advised of any fees which are payable the time of attendance. Payment can be made by  Credit  or Debit Card. Medicare rebates are available for most services and accounts can be submitted electronically to Medicare for on-line claiming.

If the matter relates to a Workcover, Third Party, Public Liability or other MedicoLegal matter you must advise this at the time of booking.

A minimum of 72 hours notice is required for  any cancellation or change of your appointment.

Please arrive before your scheduled appointment time. If you arrive late, it may be necessary to reschedule the appointment to avoid inconvenience to other patients.

Urgent appointments are available if our office is contacted directly by the referring doctor and the referral is faxed to us.

Please ensure that you arrive at least 15 minutes before the time of your appointment.

You will need to bring the following:

Letter of referral - This is an important document. You will not be able to claim from Medicare without it. If you believe that your referral letter has already been sent to us please confirm this at the time of booking.

Medicare card

Any scans and reports related to the problem - If they were performed at a hospital attendance you will need to go to the hospital to obtain the actual scans.

Medications - For neurological consultations please bring your actual medications  in their packets (not photos), or copies of any prescriptions to your first  appointment.


What to expect:

Neurological Consultations - A detailed assessment and examination will be performed. A plan for treatment and further investigation and treatment will be discussed with you and a written report will be forwarded to the referring doctor.

Diagnostic Tests  - A report will be forwarded to the referring doctor who will be responsible for interpreting the results and advising you of the diagnosis and treatment. Depending on the outcome of testing, your doctor may then refer you for a neurological consultation. Information and instructions about the tests and procedures we perform is available here.







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